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What is the Spirit leading you to do?


If, after an initial period of silent Adoration, you feel a desire to pray, read or write, then you simply allow yourself to move naturally into whatever activity you feel led to do at each moment. Reading the scriptures, pamphlets, or books is always appropriate, and many people also like to pray the Rosary or make the stations of the Cross. Traditional prayers in preparation for Holy Mass or in thanksgiving after Mass can also be very fruitful, particularly when they are addressed directly to Christ in the Eucharist.

Let Him Minister to You


Like St. Faustina, we all need to spend times of silence in the presence of the Eucharistic Lord to let Him minister to us with His healing, merciful love. And we also need these times of silent presence to love Him and make reparation for our sins andthose of the whole world. It is a powerful and effective way to thank Him for His gift of mercy tous and, at the same time, to be “merciful to Him”since the Lord continues to suffer in His Body, the Church.