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The Most Blessed Sacrament


As faith-filled Catholics, the best reverence and respect we can give Jesus in the Most Blessed Sacrament is the gold of our silence. Silence has adrawing quality. It literally draws our hearts to the silent Heart of our Eucharistic Jesus in the MostBlessed Sacrament. That’s the whole reason whyJesus is in the tabernacle– not to be ignored, but tobe adored!

Silence before Jesus in the Most Blessed Sacramentdraws us to adore Jesus alone. It helps us realizethat Jesus’ Presence is more important than ours anddeserves all our attention. It’s just common sensewhen one realizes that first we owe our respect andreverence to God and not our neighbor. After all,we’re only the creatures; but He is the Lord. That iswhy silence should be strictly observed; it is thebest reverence and respect we can give Jesus, presentintheBlessedSacrament.